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Rogue Primary School

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

K-2 Grade Play-Based Learning

Conceptual Rendering of the RPS Campus
Rogue Primary School - April 2023

This innovative project began as a vision of early learning focused on nature and play. Located in Central Point, Oregon, the project consists of a new 55,000 sf building and a renovated 3,200 sf building. The Rogue Primary School intends to be the flagship campus for the play-based learning model within Central Point School District 6.

Construction Nearing Completion - December 2022

The interior consists of classrooms, upper and

lower commons, kitchen

& cafeteria space, a

multipurpose gym, and an administration wing. The semi-enclosed Level 2 offers large open play spaces.

The courtyard and surrounding site features are designed for nature-based exploration.

Previous Building & Site Prior to Demolition - January 2020

The initial approach to the site was to make use of the existing structures, adapting them for

educational use. The below diagram shows an early concept of site layout including existing and new structures.

Upon demolition, the discovery of many deficiencies lead to the conclusion that it would ultimately be more cost-effective to build new construction rather than renovate the main building B. However, building A and building E

remained as potential renovations. The previous development

of the property had a major influence on the

final site and building


Glue-Laminated Columns Prepped for Installation - May 2022
CLT Roof Installation - July 2022

Interior Courtyard Progress - September 2022

The 2nd level of the new building is unique in many ways. The vast open space was designed with the concept of insulated classrooms being built in the future. Until then, it will be a flexible semi-enclosed play space. Vertical architectural netting will line the interior perimeter of the courtyard, allowing open-air courtyard exposure for the entirety of level 2. The image to the right shows a mockup installation of the netting. The Florida-based company, Multi-hull Nets, creates custom netting features that are typically used in boating applications and daybeds at resorts. These are among the strongest and finest netting products in the world.

level 2 of rogue primary early learning center with mass timber and Multi-hull nets
Level 2 Play Area - Finished Netting - April 2023
Level 2 Play Area - Mass Timber Structure - September 2022

The use of mass timber is integral to the design and experience of this new building. Mass timber utilizes engineered wood products such as cross-laminated timber, glue-laminated beams, and laminated veneer lumber. Not only is mass timber touted as a sustainable alternative to concrete and steel, but it is also a material that humans love to be around.

Biophilic design is an approach to architecture that seeks to

connect occupants to nature

through daylight, natural

ventilation, natural materials,

etc. Biophilic design can

positively affect one’s wellness,

focus, and productivity; and this

is one of the many reasons we

are excited to see how students

and staff will inhabit the space.

Installation of Polycarbonate Cladding - October 2022

Polycarbonate is a modern thermoplastic material that has become popular for its lightweight and outstanding durability. The EXTECH’s Lightwall 3440® polycarbonate

panels act as the skin of the entire level 2 and are lightweight, extremely durable, and optimized for LEED® credits. Its transparency allows daylight to glow, creating a lantern effect on the interior of the play spaces. Although level 2 is not fully enclosed or insulated, the mass timber structure and polycarbonate cladding keep the temperature of the space impressively stable and comfortable. Future expansion will allow for the eventual in-fill of additional classroom spaces on level 2, effectively doubling the enrollment classroom capacity for CPSD 6.

Rogue Primary School Level 2 Interior - April 2023
Rogue Primary School Exterior - April 2023

Grand Opening and Completion - April 2023

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