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Historic Malmgren Garage

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Re-Building a Historic Talent Landmark after the Almeda Fire of 2020

Historic Malmgren Garage Re-Build
Malmgren Garage

The Malmgren garage was originally constructed in 1924 by a prosperous doctor to serve as a convenient stop for car repairs. Its establishment coincided with the growth of downtown Talent, spurred by the construction of the Pacific Highway. This major north-south route brought a steady flow of new customers to the community center, generating increased activity. Over time, the South Pacific Highway was relocated to the east of town, where it stands today, while the former path became known as Talent Ave, still regarded as the authentic "main street" by local residents.

Notably, the Malmgren garage is a testament to its era, being one of the few remaining concrete structures in the city and retaining its original construction materials and techniques. Recognized as historically significant as early as 1995, the building was granted Landmark Status by the City of Talent in March 2012, and an application has been accepted for its inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places at the end of the rebuilding process.

Malmgren Garage after the Almeda Fire

Following the devastating Almeda fire in September 2020, which resulted in the loss of numerous structures in downtown Talent, including most of the historic commercial development along the east side of Talent Avenue, the Malmgren Garage emerged as a remarkable survivor. As the sole remaining pre-World War II building, it stands as a poignant

reminder of the transformative impact of highway development in the city. This resilience further underscores the garage's significance, both in terms of its

historical value and its

ability to convey the profound changes that have shaped the community over time.

New Concrete Floor for the Garage

Art Auction Fundraising Event for the Historic Malmgren Garage Re-Build

The design choices for the rebuilt Malmgren Garage were guided by the desire to honor its historical significance while incorporating modern improvements. The structure's original design was preserved as closely as possible.

To enhance the building's energy efficiency without compromising its aesthetic appeal, insulation was strategically placed on the interior, proudly showcasing the remaining concrete elements on the outside. The design also celebrates the building's original construction materials, by leaving portions of the walls exposed inside while blending it with contemporary functionality.

The main volume of the rebuilt garage embraces an open concept, drawing attention to the open truss structure. This design choice not only accentuates the architectural features but also provides a flexible and spacious interior. The openness allows for various uses and arrangements for future commercial activities along Talent Avenue.

Keeping the spirit of the original sloped floor, the height difference serves as a natural divider, separating the commercial and residential areas within the building. Distanced from Talent Ave, the two new apartments are located in the back of the building, offering a more private atmosphere.

In keeping with the overall design approach, all openings, including the prominent garage door, will be replaced. While respecting the historical look and maintaining architectural consistency, the new openings will be designed with a touch of modernity. This careful balance between historical preservation and contemporary elements ensures that the rebuilt Malmgren Garage reflects its past while adapting to the needs and preferences of the present day.

level 2 of rogue primary early learning center with mass timber and Multi-hull nets
Rear Door Opening with Framing
Window Openings

Construction Details

Interior Progress - August 2023

Exterior Progress - August 2023

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