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Location    : Ashland, Oregon

Client        : Ashland School District 5
Type          : Athletic, Educational 
Size           : 9255 sqft
Status        : Completed
Year           : 2022

Collaborators & Consultants
HMK Co. (Project Manager)

Adroit Construction Co., Inc. (Contractor)


CIOTA Engineering, Powell Engineering,

Douglas Engineering Pacific,

Brightworks Consulting

The gymnasium was part of the Ashland Middle Scool renovation project that involved two separate school remodel that share the same campus, providing exterior and interior renovations along with general accessibility and restroom upgrades. The space is designed to be used as multipurpose gymnasium.

Arkitek_AMS Gym_Site-Plan.jpg
Arkitek_AMS Gym_Floor-Plan.jpg

Floor Plan


West Interior Elevation

North Interior Elevation

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