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Palm Springs Residence
Palm Springs, California

LOCATION  : Palm Springs, California
TYPE            : Residential
SIZE             : 3000 sqft
STATUS       : Ongoing

This single-family "Desert House" embodies environmental balance, comfort, and elegance harmonizing a robust exterior with a welcoming interior. Rusted steel, gabion walls, and concrete construct the resilient outer shell, designed to resist the arid climate and intense temperature variations, while the interior hides an oasis, featuring a lush patio with water elements. The native landscaping flourishes with minimal irrigation, enhancing the occupant experience by connecting them with nature. Expansive openings seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, while ensuring comfort through cross-ventilation and thermal stability.

Arkitek PalmSprings Landscape Design
Arkitek Palm Springs Residence Floorplan

Floor plan


WE Section


NS Section

Arkitek Palm Springs Residence Model.jpg
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