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LOCATION  : Talent, Oregon
TYPE            : Residential
SIZE             : 4250 sqft
STATUS       : Ongoing

TEAM           : Arkitek 

                       Powell Engineering

                       Ciota Engineering

                       Skyline Technical Systems

PHOTOS      Brian Davies

The proposed project is a 1-story redevelopment of the historic Malmgren Garage. The interiors and roof of the existing building burned in the 2021 Almeda fire, with only the exterior concrete shell remaining. The work includes building within the existing concrete shell, with the concrete becoming in affect the exterior finish and will include two 1bhk residential units comprising 1449 s.f. on the north side and one 2797 sq. ft. commercial space that can be divided into two separate spaces. The project also entails site improvements including new landscaping, sidewalks, and car parking area for the residential spaces.


Level 1 Floorplan


West Elevation


South Elevation

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