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Blue Marble Headquarters
Ashland, Oregon

Location    : Ashland, Oregon 
Type          : Commercial
Size           : 27,570 sqft
Status       : Completed 2023

The existing Oak Street Tank and Steel building at 101 A Street, Ashland will be renovated in two phases. The first phase of the renovation will include 2 areas of the building undergoing interior renovation, expansion of the existing mezzanine/second floor, construction of a new dormer, and replacement of the roof. Other works include new HVAC, fire sprinkler system, minor site work, etc.

The second phase will focus on the renovation of the 3rd area of the building to include a new second floor and rooftop addition, along with retrofitting the existing structure for fire protection.

BMQH Proposed Site Plan-01-01.jpg

Proposed Site Plan

Overall Floor Plans-01.jpg

Overall Floor Plans

Elevations 2-01.jpg

Partial South Elevation

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