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LOCATION  : Ashland, Oregon
TYPE            : Residential
SIZE             : 3500 sqft
STATUS       : Completed
YEAR           : 2019

TEAM           : Arkitek 

                       31/44 Architects

                       David Overacker (Contractor)
                       CIOTA Engineering PC

PHOTOS     : Brandon Lasko

The 2963 sqft residence project along with a new garage space is designed for a single-family dwelling in Ashland, Oregon.


The design follows a simple, minimalistic and functional layout to resonate with the client's lifestyle yet ensuring the luxury of well-defined spaces and natural light. 

Beach Street Residence Site PlanArkitek
Beach Street Residence Floor Plan Arkitek.gif

Floor plans

Beach Street Residence Elevation Arkitek

West Elevation

Beach Street Residence Elevation Arkitek

South Elevation

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