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2023 IDP Interns

Integration of daily practice skills with fundamental design realization was the basis of the arkitek intern development program.

The internship program focus was developed around fundamental tasks that dealt with:

Architectural language comprehension and plan development skills including understanding of architectural views, elevations, and sections.
Sketching tasks and subjective qualities such as relationships between proportion, scale, composition, as well as light, shade, and shadow.
Project task management and time allowances in working through multiple stages of delivery.
Iterative design process and refinement throughout multiple schemes. 
Presentation and critique of design solution and composition. 

essie monitor stand sketch.png
essie monitor stand cad template.png
subin lee monitor stand ai concept.png
subin lee monitor stand
theo monitor stand.png
theos monitor stand cad template.png
theo janeway monitor stand ai concept.png
theo janeway monitor stand
isabel monitor stand cad template.png
isabel kapule monitor stand ai concept.png
isabel kapule monitor stand

Throughout the IDP process, design interns were given the tools and space to learn - exploring the relationship between analog and digital design processes; through the use of sketching, collaging, fabricating, and utilizing Adobe/Autodesk/Rhino software platforms.

essie physical collage.png
subin lee digital collage
subin lee pavilion concept
theo physical collage.png
theo janeway digital collage
theo janeway pavilion concept - 1.png
isabel physical collage.png
isabel digital collage
Isabel kapule final pavilion concept.png

The interns collaborated with the Arkitek team twice a week for four hours each session; weekly at both the Arkitek Ashland office on Tuesdays and at the Arkitek Hub@CraterWorks Makerspace. 

The interns were certified and provided access to Epilog laser cutters, 3D printers, and utilized shop assembly methods while honing digital presentation boards culminating in a design presentation critique(and party) with the arkitek design staff.  

IDP 24.jpg
Screenshot 2020-09-29 165448_edited.jpg


Internship program organized by arkitek in collaboration with CraterWorks Makerspace


To provide students exposure to the architecture industry through professional experiences


Senior level high school students in the Southern Oregon region with curious minds who may see a future career in architecture


CraterWorks Makerspace in Central Point, arkitek’s Ashland office, and project sites across Southern Oregon


12-week program in Spring trimester 
Weekly schedules to be coordinated with each student

Applications are now closed for 2024. Looking forward to see you next year!

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