Location    : Ashland, Oregon

Client        : Ron Deluca
Type          : Business/Manufacturing Remodel
Size           : 1698 sqft

Status        : Completed
Year           : 2019

Collaborators & Consultants

Adroit Construction Company, Inc. (Contractor)

Ace Engineering LLC.

Design Team 

Christopher Brown, David Weir, Ryan Conner

Located on Ashland Street, right next to the Re-mix cafe, the project is divided into two parts. One part is remodelled as a manufacturing space of 934 sqft for Bestow and Blooms and the other part is a commercial space of 616 sqft for Mile-Hi. The remodel has been proposed keeping intact the lot coverage, building height, site use, view corridors and permitted use.

Walker Avenue



Existing building

Re-mix cafe

Ashland Street

Cross Section

Longitudinal Section

West Elevation


South Elevation




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